Crown of Entrepreneurial Ideas for Success



616.169 EUR



The main objective of the project is to strengthen entrepreneurial competences, to help creating innovative start-ups and to improve entrepreneurial activity in order to boost competitiveness of the target area. New entrepreneurship departments will be formed and set in motion within the Business Support Institutions (BSIs) in Novska (HR), Mostar (BA) and Nikšić (ME) with the aim of enhancing growth of SMEs in the target area. The project will put special emphasis on young population by providing them support in starting-up their own business activities. Competitiveness of the target area will be further enhanced by creation of the Entrepreneurial Cross-border Network, which is going to include representatives of BSIs, decision-makers and other relevant stakeholders.


The Lead Partner Sisak-Moslavina County Development Agency SI-MO-RA Ltd. (HR) is responsible for management of all project activities in implementation, but also for testing phase of the project – providing support in creation of new innovative testing process for identifying entrepreneurial potential and finding suitable mentors for supporting start-ups. The LP is also in charge of coordination of crowdfunding campaigns creation.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center Tehnopolis (ME) is responsible for foundation of Center for innovation and technology transfer. Project partner is in charge for creation of a business model for Center that includes procurement of necessary equipment. Furthermore, Tehnopolis is responsible for organizing raising awareness campaign in Montenegro.

Foundation for innovation and technological development – INTERA (BA) is responsible for coordination of activities related to strengthening the entrepreneurial and managerial skills of the target groups. In that respect, INTERA is in charge for designing Educational model that includes educational training groups and motivation trip. Educations will be divided on 2 topics – general economic topics and second topic defined according to field of interest of candidates per each project partner country. Also, Project partner oversees communication activities at the project level, such as social media campaign and video material production and organizes raising awareness campaign in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


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