Sleep Medicine

Joint Delivery of Sleep Medicine Diagnostic and Therapeutic Services in the Cross-Border Area of Southern Croatia and Western Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Sleep disorders have become a common case among the population, causing significant consequences in everyday life. Despite great demand, there is still insufficient Sleep Medicine Centers (SMCs), trained professionals in sleep medicine – somnologists – and sleep technicians in the cross-border area. The SLEEP MEDICINE project considers how to resolve shortage of SMCs (as the only one in project area is in Split) and sleep medicine professionals in Dalmatia and adjacent regions of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Firstly, the partners will work jointly on establishing a new SMC in Mostar. New solutions will be integrated in the SMCs by implementing European standards and guidelines of the European Sleep Research Society. A Joint Sleep Medicine Database for storage and exchange of patients’ data and medical records will also be developed, with the final aim of allowing patients to undergo diagnostic and therapeutic interventions near their place of residence.


School of Medicine at the University of Split (CRO), the project’s lead partner, will deliver sleep medicine services in the cross-border region of southern Croatia and western Herzegovina by acquiring sleep medicine-related equipment and developing the sleep medicine database. Additional efforts will be put into educational activities.

University Clinical Hospital Mostar (BA) will ensure appropriate personnel and facilities for a fully operational Sleep medicine center in Mostar. Furthermore, the partner will be responsible for maintaining quality of the SMC and its harmonizing with the European guidelines of the ESRS society.

With the goal of developing adequate sleep medicine services in the cross-border region, School of Medicine at the University of Mostar (BA) will organise joint trainings for sleep medicine professionals and lectures for the public.


Sleep Medicine Infographic

Project article in Universitas magazine

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