Smart Schools 2

Innovative minds for ICT smart schools



1.855.805,07 EUR



The project represents continuation of the project Smart Schools from the 1st Call for proposals. Project overall objective will be achieved through the implementation of cross-border cooperation activities that support energy savings, promote investments through renewable energy sources and encourage the population and all stakeholders to use sustainable energy solutions. The project envisages significant infrastructure works with the aim of switching to the use of 4,5 MW new renewable-energy capacities (biomass, solar energy) in 33 public facilities (primary and secondary schools) in the amount of over EUR 1.3 million. The project will annually generate 6.217.693 kWh of renewable energy, 4.217.693 kWh of energy savings, 1.834 t CO2 emission-reduction and new 1.535 man-month green jobs. The project is a colourful combination of green investment, art and culture as innovative education tool, smart ICT technology and wide-scale energy-saving school competition. A special component of the project focuses on innovative educational content for both students and teaching staff as well as key decision makers.


The Lead Partner, Centre for development and support (BA), is responsible for overall management and implementation of the entire project, implementation of investments on primary and secondary schools, implementing training seminars for energy managers, communication activities, establishment of M&E system, collaboration in implementation of energy-saving school contest and IT students’ contest, as well as all target and public events. 

Tuzla canton (BA), is responsible for implementation of investment activities including tendering and contracting for installation of pellet-boilers on 9 project schools. Tuzla Canton has the lead role in communication with all primary and secondary schools from BA and active participation in planning and organisation of all project events.

Brod-Posavina county (HR) is responsible for implementation of investments on 15 solar power-plants, creation of e-Platform and EE video-games, organisation and implementation of project events held in Brod-Posavina county and coordination and communication with all target groups from Croatia.


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